The Homekoala Research Process

"Where do you get your data?"

This is one of the questions we face very often. Truth is, we get our data from many sources. We apply a mixture of both human and machine intelligence to the captured data, while going to great lengths to ensure that they remain as accurate as they possibly can.

Intelligent Web Crawlers

Our crawlers capture relevant information from real estate sources all over the Internet. Through a combination of natural language processing and machine-learning algorithms, we filter through these unstructured data to uncover the most meaningful information.

Proper Research

In addition to open data, we look at government data, press releases, agency websites and much more. We crunch numbers from all these sources to ensure that the most relevant information is available for your home search.

Over 3,500,000 data points

Our data team analyses these data points so that the information presented on Homekoala is timely, accurate and useful. Aided by extensive analysis, we continuously monitor trends and realtime changes in the property market. This allows us to present information in a manner that simplifies the home search process.

We understand that searching for a property can be tedious process, but when backed with proper information, it can be a much simpler affair.

See it in action

Property Market Report

Our market data reports offer a glimpse into the kind of data that is available to us. If you are business owner and would like a customised version of our analysed data for your organisational needs, please contact us for details.

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